Who it's for

From unknown to very established, artists to producers, labels to managers, Venice Music provides benefits for each in unique ways.

Developing Artists

Whether you are starting from scratch or have generated momentum, our memberships are designed with you in mind.

Venice's Essentials membership gets you access to the Venice Platform, enabling unlimited distribution to global DSPs, access to streaming analytics, financial tooling, and access to our community through our Independent music focused Discord.

Venice's Professional membership provides you access to our world-class Artist Services and Sync team for education during weekly office hours, feedback during listening sessions, and opt-in to be included in the Venice Catalog for commercial opportunities (sync).

The Venice team has a history of breaking artists through our experience, strategies, and relationships.

"It’s been so amazing working with Venice! I started with them with a little under 600 monthly listeners just over a year ago, and here I am now with 1.3 million listeners. The most rewarding thing about being independent is acknowledging that nothing is done alone. Having Venice’s engagement and commitment to what we’ve built together has been invaluable. I have the best team!"


"Working with Venice is and has been one of the most rewarding partnerships I've had during my time in music. It opened my eyes to the possibilities of the contemporary non-major landscape and has totally changed how I think about all of my artists' careers, for Aminé and beyond."

Justin Lehmann, Mischief Management

Established Artists

Amine, Sonder, and more leverage the technology and services of Venice Music to continue to grow and elevate their artist careers.

Venice's Professional membership is designed to elevate your career through access to our Artist and Label Service's team, our sync team, and events designed to expand your industry network and education.

Venice's invite only Premium Services Membership provides dedicated resources for Artist Services and Sync, opportunities for funding, and more.

Labels & Managers

Our Professional membership allows you to distribute all artists, across all DSPs, for a single price.

See financial statements, manage splits, and view streaming performance for all your artists, on a single platform.

Attend networking and social events, industry education events, and access our community to help educate yourself and grow your artists' careers.

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