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Venice is a community, resource hub, and your connector to the music industry. Let’s unlock your full potential, together.

Top independent artists choose Venice

Kota The Friend
809M Streams
408M Streams
1.8B Streams
165M Streams
Elley Duhé
1.35B Streams

Access exclusive opportunities

  • Pitch your music for tv, film, and commercials
  • Learn how to market your music from industry experts
  • See if your song is a hit by joining our A&R feedback sessions

Why artists choose Venice

"After managing the careers of artists like Lady Gaga, John Legend, and many others, I wanted to build a company that gave independent artists the tools and information to help them win. Venice is the answer.”

— Troy Carter, Co-Founder of Venice Music

Premium distribution

  • Create custom music clips for TikTok
  • Distribute unlimited music to over 200 countries
  • Distribute in Dolby Atmos and be heard in the highest quality
  • Distribute unlimited music videos

Make Music, Make Money. Keep 100%.

  • Maximize your earnings with our YouTube Content ID integration
  • Make effortless split payments with collaborators
  • Collaborators can collect their royalties with no additional fees
Previous guests include

President of LVRN
Tunde Balogun

Grammy Nominated Producer

General Manager of LVRN
Amber Grimes

Artist Manager
Ty Baisden

Artist manager strategy sessions

Constructive feedback from top managers and producers

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A community built so you can be among the best in the industry.

From pitching your music for tv and film to lightning fast member support, your music deserves the best.

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Our Founders

Troy Carter is the founder and CEO of Venice Music. Formerly, Troy was the founder and CEO of Atom Factory, where he rose to prominence, nurturing the careers of global superstars including Lady Gaga and John Legend.

He most recently served at Spotify as its Global Head of Creator Services, overseeing the company's growth strategy for artists and record labels.

Suzy Ryoo is the Co-Founder and President of Venice Music. She's worked at the intersection of tech, entertainment, and media for over 10 years. Since 2015, Suzy has served as the VP of Technology and Innovation at Atom Factory as well as a Partner at venture capital fund Cross Culture Ventures, where she finds, invests in, and supports entrepreneurs creating next-generation companies.