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We’d meet with every artist on a daily basis

Co-Manager, your AI music assistant is the next best thing to having the Venice team on call
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Introducing Co-Manager: Your music career assistant. We've combined strategies from top artist managers and marketers with OpenAI machine learning to offer personalized guidance to power your music career.
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How long should I promote my song before releasing it?

Collective knowledge from thousands of album releases advising your strategy

Plan a release strategy for my upcoming album

Utilize our team rollout strategy applied to your album release dates.

Find the top indie playlists I should pitch my music to

See which playlists would be a fit for your music and who they’re owned by.

Make a paid ad strategy for me to promote my new single

Co-Manager breaks down the process of paid ads from platform to budgeting advice.

Find my ISRC code for my song

Never go searching for codes, earnings or links again. Co-Manager will find them for you.

“I personally know the challenges artists face every day in promoting their music & setting up a cohesive plan, its tough. Co-Manager’s personalized guidance and industry insights can help artists take the next step and stay consistent. Optimize your time with Co-Manager.”

Ty Baisden
Founder of Colture
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The Moment You Become Serious About Your Music Career

“Probably the best distributor we've worked with (and I've tried a LOT in the past 10 years). Smoothest upload process, incredibly easy splits where they don't charge the payees (unlike distrokid), very fast delivery times and most important a highly responsive and helpful support team who so far have never failed to help no matter how small the question or issue. Highly recommended”
“Venice is an unparalleled community for independent artists to connect with peers and mentors to fine tune their skills to be the best artist they can be. The amount of resources and connections the Venice community curates is truly remarkable.”
Yuneer Gainz