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Joining Venice is the first step to taking your music career seriously.

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The ultimate network, workshops, and suite of tools to help you level up in your music career.
Pro Members get access to:
  • Expert Workshops
  • Co-Manager AI Tool
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  • Unlimited Distribution
  • Concierge Support
  • Submit for Sync Licensing

Experience Venice

Access our private social network, attend workshops, and try co-manager.
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Pro Membership

The ultimate network, workshops, and suite of tools to help you level up in your music career.
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Pro Members get access to:
  • Expert Workshops
  • Co-Manager AI Tool
  • Private Social Network
  • Unlimited Distribution
  • Concierge Support
  • Submit for Sync Licensing

If you’re just looking for Distribution...

To those who are looking for access to real life music industry experts, a thriving community of creatives, forward thinking technology, and music distribution we invite you to join our Pro Membership.
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Learn From Industry Experts

Pro (Single Artist)
Live expert workshops
Content library
Feedback Sessions
Sync Licensing
Submit to our sync library
Unlock detailed sync briefs

Build Your Network

Access to our Private Social Network
Connect with like-minded artists, managers, producers, and marketers.
Find potential collaborators for your next project.
Peer feedback channels
Participate in discussions focused on various strategies and trends within the music industry.
IRL Events
Industry field trips

Grow & Monetize Your Music

Unlimited audio distribution
Unlimited distribution in all territories (200+ Countries)
Unlimited releases to all major streaming & social platforms
Unlimited video distribution
Add lyrics, credits & liner notes
Release level country restrictions (control which countries can access your release)
Chat support
Concierge support
90-day takedown protection
Mapping updates
Marketing Tools
Marketing links
Pre save links
Fan email capturing
Clip your music for social media
Keep 100% streaming royalties
Split payments
Monthly payment for streaming revenue
Financial statements
Partner Tools
Shazam discovery
Spotify verified checkmark
New artist profile creation on DSPs
YouTube Content ID
Official Vevo channel
Spotify for Artists instant access
Use your own UPC
Custom label names
Custom release dates
Support lyric uploads
New artist profile creation on DSPs
Timed releases
Customizable iTunes pricing
Customizable pre-order date

A community built so you can be among the best.

“Venice cares. There's nothing else that need to be said. They make an effort to speak to the creatives in their network and provide valuable help regarding momentum in this business and simply sharing how to best navigate this industry”
“Venice is an unparalleled community for independent artists to connect with peers and mentors to fine tune their skills to be the best artist they can be. The amount of resources and connections the Venice community curates is truly remarkable.”
“Probably the best distributor we've worked with (and I've tried a LOT in the past 10 years). Smoothest upload process, incredibly easy splits where they don't charge the payees (unlike distrokid), very fast delivery times and most important a highly responsive and helpful support team who so far have never failed to help no matter how small the question or issue. Highly recommended”

Frequent Asked Questions

What’s required to sign up?

Just a passion for growing your music, opportunities, and career! You can access your Pro membership with one simple annual payment, then release your music whenever you’re ready. If you need to transfer your catalog from your current distribution, you can get started here.

Can I transfer my catalog from my old distributor to Venice?

Absolutely. Our proactive support team is here to ensure your transfer process is as smooth and easy as possible. Take a look at what that process will look like, and rest assured that your existing streaming numbers and artist profiles will remain intact.

How fast will my songs be up on streaming platforms?

Submissions can be expected to go live as soon as 48 hours from the time of successful distribution to platforms, if no issues are detected during content inspection. It can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days depending on the submission to be reviewed, approved, and delivered to music platforms.

How do I receive payment?

After signing up, you’ll be directed to create and link a Stripe account to your portal. Stripe is an online payment platform that will help you securely and quickly get paid when the time comes.

When will I get paid?

You will need to collect a minimum of $50 in streaming royalties to receive payment. Payments are processed on the 15th of every month. If the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, you can expect to receive payment on the Friday prior.

How do I pay my collaborators and featured artists?

When you list collaborators on your track, they’ll receive an email invitation to create a collaborator Venice account for free to securely collect their split payment. Unlike other distributors, we don’t charge collaborators to receive their deserved payment. A friend of yours is a friend of ours.

How can I secure sync deals and media placements?

Our Pro membership unlock the opportunity to submit music for sync placements across advertising, film, television, and games. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to meet regularly with our in-house Sync team in online Q&A sessions to learn how sync works, how to optimize your sound for placements, and more.