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$59 billed annually
The essential tools an independent musician needs in the modern music landscape.
  • Unlimited Video/Audio distribution
  • YouTube Content ID
  • Spotify Verified Checkmark
  • Keep 100% of ALL earnings
  • Official Vevo channel
  • Custom release dates, label names, ISRCs, and more
  • Automated Insights
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$199 billed annually
The tools, access, and strategy needed for an artist to grow!
  • A&R Feedback Sessions
  • Sync Feedback Sessions
  • Sync/Commercial deal submission
  • Executive team Q&A Sessions
  • Artist Services & Sync Q&A Sessions
    Venice Creative Business Academy
  • Strategy Courses (Coming soon)
    Content Research & Creation
    Social Advertising For Artists
    How To Run Your First Meta Ads Campaign
    and everything in Essentials
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What Members are saying...

“Learning so much from the Venice team! Completely changed my perspective on a lot of things! [...] Joining Venice is one of the best investments I’ve ever made, period”

– Nhien Le

Venice Music Collective member

"I really appreciate how intentional the Venice membership is. I’ve gained insight into content creation, building an organic following/engagement from fans/supporters, and how to market a project in a reasonable way that doesn’t break the bank. Since I joined Venice I feel more inspired towards my creative project ideas and I love that Venice offers opportunities to network virtually and IRL with other community members."

– Lauriel

Venice Music Collective member

"The ethos of the Venice community is authentic and inspiring. The best part about the broader collective is definitely the people. It's amazing to connect with vibrant personalities who genuinely care about the art, artists, and everything in between."

— Kudzai Taziva

Venice Music Collective member

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What makes Grow+ and Professional unique?

1) Grow+ and Professional provide unprecedented access to our Sync, Artist Service, guest speakers, and Executive Team to learn from in our Q&A and feedback Sessions. You will not find this at any other distributor.  

2) Expert-curated marketing strategies that walk you step by step through creating and launching your own digital marketing campaigns, enabling you to grow your fanbase.

3) Unlimited audio distribution, unlimited video distribution, Youtube Content ID, Shazam, social distribution. Keep 100% of everything you earn, no upselliing.

4) Our Community. Learn from and connect with your fellow independent artists in the Venice Community.

Why is Venice more expensive than Distrokid and Tunecore?

Short answer is, Venice is much cheaper. Other distributors offer you an introductory price, for you to learn once you've signed up that most the features you signed up for cost more money. Venice doesn't do that. If you look at video alone, Tunecore doesn't offer it and Distrokid charges $99. You can find a comprehensive breakdown here.

Why don't you have a free option?

If you want to distribute for free, there are options out there for you. Our focus is on artists who want all the tools needed to grow and prosper in today's music landscape, while keeping 100% of their revenue.

Will you get me on a playlist?

No, we will not. Getting on a playlist is exciting, but we are focused on providing you marketing and growth strategies to grow your fanbase, access to learn from our team of industry experts, and all the exclusive and premium distribution features you need as an independent.

I am a very small artist, is Venice still for me?

Absolutely! Venice's goal is to help artists of all size navigate and growth in the modern music landscape. From 0 listeners to 1 billion listeners, Venice is for you.

What are these marketing courses?

Our video courses provide growth and digital marketing playbooks for independent artists to carry out. These are coming from leaders on the forefront of digital marketing today's music. You will learn everything from content creation, to walk-throughs on how to utilize ad management platforms, to tracking and optimizing your performance, to budget management. Carry out the same strategies as the industry's top experts and start growing your fanbase!

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Premium Distribution Features
Video Distribution (Vevo, Apple Music, Tidal)
Official Vevo Channel
YouTube Content ID
Spotify Verified Checkmark
Keep 100% streaming royalties
Distribute Dolby Atmos
Manage splits and payments
Custom label name
Custom Release Date
Grow Your Fanbase
Growth and Marketing Courses (Coming Soon)
— Content Research & Creation
— Social Advertising For Artists
— How To Run Your First Meta Ads Campaign
— Understanding the Spotify Recommendation engine
Marketing Links
Fan Email Capturing
Automated Insights
Grow Your Business
Artist Manager Strategy Sessions
Executive team Q&A Sessions
Venice Creative Business Academy
Submit music for Sync
Sync Pro: submit music to specific and curated opportunities
Monthly Venice Grant opportunity
Grow Your Craft
Weekly A&R Feedback Sessions
Monthly Artist and Label Services Office Hours
Monthly Sync Team Office Hours
All the other Distribution Features
Unlimited audio distribution
Monthly payment for streaming revenue
ISRCs: use your own or we'll provide
Streaming analytics
Financial Statements
New artist profile creation on DSPs
Unlimited distribution in all territories
Timed releases
Support lyric uploads
Shazam submission
Free support for your collaborators (payees)
Takedown protection
30 days
60 days
90 days
Customer support
3-5 days
48 hrs
Priority (<24 hrs)

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