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Co-Manager: Your AI music career assistant uses combined strategies from top artist managers and marketers with OpenAI machine learning to offer personalized guidance to power your music career.

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Meet the people making waves in the industry, find out what’s working for other artists, and connect with collaborators who can elevate your career. Our community prioritizes strategizing and building together, whether it’s online or in-person.

Tools to Grow & Monetize Your Music

Release unlimited audio and video on all major digital platforms with concierge support from our dedicated team. Leverage powerful marketing tools to amplify your reach and grow your fanbase.

Music Industry Workshops

Our network of industry experts provide in-depth workshops on the latest music trends and strategies. You’ll learn actionable strategies to advance your career.

Wendy Ong
Wendy Ong . President, TaP Music Management
Building Global Pop Superstars
Learn what it takes to nurture careers of global superstars like Outkast, Caroline Polacheck, and Ellie Goulding
LaRussell . Artist & Founder of Good Compenny
Blueprint for Independent Artists
Rapper paving the way for how independent artists can earn a living from their art
Ty Baisden
Ty Baisden . Co-Founder of Colture & Artist Manager
How to Make It in The Music Industry
If anyone know’s how to make it in music, it’s Brent Faiyaz’s manager and author of the Colture, Ty Baisden
Brittany Crawford
Brittany Crawford . Co-Founder at Avant Garden Records
Early Artist Development & Release Strategy
Developing artists like Emotional Oranges, Chiiild, and Rory from the early stages of their careers
Thuy . Independent Artist
What made this song go viral
The story behind girls like me don't cry becoming a global hit on TikTok
Isobel Kelly
Isobel Kelly . Head of Global Streaming, Venice
Spotify Best Practices
Our Head of Streaming deep dives into how to grow your audience on Spotify
Mauricio Ruiz
Mauricio Ruiz . Founder & CEO of 8tilfaint
Building Single & Album Campaigns
Jessie Reyes' former manager on how to built powerful campaigns to promote your music.
Jamal Jimoh
Jamal Jimoh . Head of Hip Hop & R&B Streaming, Venice
Streaming Strategies & Best Practices for 2024
Make sure you're up to date on the latest best practices for releasing your music
Jessica Messier
Jessica Messier . Head of Indie Partnerships, TikTok
TikTok Strategy & Best Practices
Strategies for maximizing your growth on TikTok as an artist
Brittany Hicks
Brittany Hicks . Partnerships, YouTube Music
YouTube Strategy & Best Practices
Strategies for maximizing your growth on YouTube as an artist
Jayne Andrews
Jayne Andrews . Co-Founder of Colture
Visual Story Telling and World Building
How the team at Colture built a brand and world around Brent Faiyaz's album Wasteland
Danielle Jimenez
Danielle Jimenez . Founder of No Other Agency
Mastering a Publicity Pitch
The ins and outs of crafting the perfect publicity pitch to help you land placements to build your audience
Christian Babikian
Christian Babikian . Managing Director & Founder of JCSquared
Can Your Music Catalog Be Monetized?
How artists of all sizes can monetize their music catalog through revenue-generating opportunities
Liza Levy
Liza Levy . President at Salt Lick Artists Incubator
Artists Grant & Funding Opportunities
Learn how to get funding and grant opportunies as a musician
Carron Mitchell
Carron Mitchell . Partner at Nixon Peabody LLP
Protecting Artists Legally & Financially
Insights into navigating the complexities of the music industry including deal structures and financial matters
Tiffany Kumar
Tiffany Kumar . Founder of Beat House
Publishing Music That Tops Charts Globally
Learn about music publishing rights and writing sessions with large artists
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Personalized Strategy to Power your Release

Co-Manager: Your AI music career assistant, combines strategies from top artist managers and marketers with OpenAI machine learning to offer personalized guidance to power your music career.

Sync Licensing

Submit Music for TV & Film

Unlock sync briefs and submit your music to be considered for sync licensing opportunities in TV, film, advertising, video games, and more.

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Get Feedback on Your Music

Make sure your music sounds the best it can be before you share with the world. Our feedback sessions allow you to discuss and get feedback on your music from top industry creatives.

Artist Development
J Rich
J Rich
Engineer, Manager, and Artist
Worked with artists such as Offset, Trippie Red, Lil Yachty
DJ Ant Durty
DJ Ant Durty
A&R at LVRN, Atlanta’s Premiere DJ
DJ at Hot 107.9, Rolling Loud, SXSW, Wild Bash
Lexi Deeb
Lexi Deeb
Dir. of Creative Sync, Pulse Music
Placements with Adobe, Apple, EA, Fortnite, Google, Macy’s, NFL, and Xbox
Kato on the Track
Kato on the Track
Grammy-Nominated Music Prod.
Tyga, Joyner Lucas, B.o.B, K Camp, Tory Lanez, Snoop Dogg, E-40
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"Venice Music has added significant value to my artist’s life. The level of access to the amazing team is exceptional, they truly care about their artists, and it seems like every week they offer new opportunities: a small group call with the sync team, a grant opportunity, a meetup or mixer with other aligned players in the space. Best of all, the culture and calibur of members that Venice attracts is both highly supportive and enriching. Love being a part of this community and their forward-thinking vision."
"Working with the Venice team has been a game-changer for my journey as an artist. Their unwavering belief in the power of independent artists and dedication to amplifying their voices is truly inspiring. I landed a sync placement through Venice on BET+’s ‘College Hill: Celebrity Edition.’ With their support, I’ve witnessed firsthand how independent artists can get the support they deserve."
"When I first heard about Venice, I compared it to Tunecore from a cost perspective. It was a significant investment, so it needed to be worth it. I liked their offerings, so I decided to release my next single with Venice. When I had questions, the Venice team responded within 12 hours with thoughtful and detailed explanations. They understood my needs from a musician’s perspective, making me feel like I had an industry-level team supporting me. Now, I feel confident knowing I have knowledgeable people helping me ensure everything is done right."
“Sometimes a first listen reaction is all you need to know what direction is needed for a song you’re working on. In the Venice Music in-person feedback sessions, I hear from and connect with head A&Rs, other artists, managers, producers, engineers, and get to see how my song will do in the sync licensing space.  I love the work Venice Music is doing to foster community through these events and I’m excited to continue to attend them.”
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