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You deserve to be heard

A team of industry pros.
Distribution, strategy, and access.

Artists grow with Venice.

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Fans Grow your Fanbase Grour grow your Fanbase Grow your fans g

Reach new fans – Our exclusive features, team access, and strategies are designed to help you maximize your audience and gain the fanbase your music deserves.

ness Grow your Business Grour grow your Business Grow your fans g

Make the right career moves – Learn to turn your passion for music into a sustainable career from an elite team of industry executives.

Past guests include:

Tunde Balogun
President LVRN / SPINALL Manager

Grammy Nominated Producer & Songwriter

Amber Grimes
General Manager LVRN

Ty Baisden
Artist Manager - Brent Faiyaz

Our expert Sync team gets our artist's top placements – We’re available for weekly feedback sessions and Q&A sessions to help you learn the sync business.

raft Grow your craft grow your Grow your craft Grow your

Make music that makes waves – Meet collaborators in our digital networking events, learn in our expert-led Q&A's, get feedback and learn from our Artist Services and Sync teams in weekly feedback sessions.

music Distribute your music Distribute your Music Distribute your

Unlimited distribution for your music and videos.

You keep 100% of the money your music earns – Access exclusive features including Release Watch and Stream Spike to keep you updated as your music gains traction.

Story Our story our story Story our story our story our story

A team of real experts, top executives, and industry pros.

We built and led streaming services, guided struggling artists to become household names, and helped historic labels command the charts. Now we're empowering you.

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