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Learn music marketing, release music globally, and get exclusive access to music business workshops, plus pitch your music to film and TV!

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Learn about the music business

Gain invaluable knowledge and insights through our educational workshops, equipping you with the tools and know-how to navigate the ever-evolving music industry. From understanding royalties to perfecting your music marketing skills, our expert insights will empower you to make informed decisions about your music career. 

Each month, we open a select number of memberships for our Pro tier. Enter a world of advanced learning from industry heavyweights, group feedback sessions, access to sync briefs for film and TV, and a community of like-minded artists.

Sync Pro

Sync Pro is an elite service feature exclusive to our Pro members, serving as a bridge between independent artists and the often elusive worlds of film, TV, and advertising. But it's not just a listing of opportunities; it’s a curated gateway to high-profile sync licensing briefs. Unlike basic sync services, Sync Pro doesn't just notify artists about generic opportunities.

We provide in-depth briefs, accompanied by insider advice on how to tailor your pitch for a higher likelihood of success. Think of it as a strategic ally in demystifying and conquering the sync world.

Each brief is rigorously vetted for quality and relevance, ensuring that you’re not wasting time on dead-ends but focusing on opportunities that can elevate your music career. Whether it’s a primetime TV show, an indie film, or a global advertising campaign, Sync Pro offers the kind of exposure and revenue potential that can turn an independent artist into a sought-after name in multiple entertainment sectors.

Previous guests include

President of LVRN
Tunde Balogun

Grammy Nominated Producer

General Manager of LVRN
Amber Grimes

Artist Manager
Ty Baisden

Artist manager strategy session: Elevate your game

Experience unparalleled mentorship and strategic guidance tailored to your unique needs. Join us for a 30-minute one-on-one, personalized consultation with an industry expert. Each session is a deep dive into your current position, challenges, and industry opportunities. Before every session, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of your work and market presence to ensure a laser-focused strategy tailored just for you.

These are not your ordinary chats or generalized advice. These are targeted strategy discussions meticulously designed to fast-track your journey in the music industry.

Concierge member support

Beyond troubleshooting, Concierge Member Support includes direct lines to our technical and strategic experts and even emergency support for last-minute releases or critical issues. This is our white-glove approach to customer care, where the artist's need isn't just met; it's anticipated. For our Pro-Tier members, Concierge Member Support isn't an add-on; it's an integral part of your subscription, setting the gold standard for what customer service should be in the music industry.

From quick response times to direct access to senior support staff, the service is designed to minimize hassle and maximize your creative and commercial output.


A Venice Workshop is an interactive, live, or on-demand learning experience curated and facilitated by industry experts and thought leaders. We’re committed to delivering immediate value to artists, ensuring you walk away with a roadmap. Each workshop is specifically tailored to address the unique challenges and opportunities within the music industry, from mastering the art of monetizing your music to decoding the complexities of music licensing.

What you’ll get:
Tools, Templates, Checklists
Proven strategies
Real world examples

Dolby Atmos distribution

Dolby Atmos Distribution is an unparalleled feature designed to revolutionize the way independent artists share their music. This isn't your typical stereo or even 5.1 surround sound; it's an expansive 360-degree audio experience that turns every song into an immersive masterpiece.

Unlike traditional distribution methods, Dolby Atmos goes beyond just uploading your tracks to platforms. It transforms your music into a multi-dimensional auditory journey, putting you at the forefront of sonic innovation. Imagine not just hearing a guitar but experiencing it move around you, or feeling the vocals ascend and descend in a three-dimensional space.

What sets this apart from merely being a 'cool feature' is the symbiotic relationship it establishes with streaming giants like Apple Music. Apple actively prioritizes Dolby Atmos tracks in dedicated playlists and special feature spots.

Increase your streams. Plan your release.
Grow your fanbase.

Introducing Co-Manager: Your music career assistant. We've combined strategies from top artist managers and marketers with OpenAI machine learning to offer personalized guidance to power your music career.
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